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From Design to Installation

Valo Construction

The Valo design team adheres to a set of standards before developing and constructing, based on a strategic framework. We possess the expertise to design based on either product selection or technology, offering a comprehensive turnkey solution.

Our construction team has the capability to deliver on all aspects of optical network builds. We are focused on delivering optical infrastructure on schedule while ensuring all in-field safety procedures are adhered to.

Valo Construction Solutions



Project management

Operational and maintenance services


Fiber placement

Directional drilling

Quality assurance and inspection services

We work with all major vendors for fiber procurement and in-field material and work closely with an overseas vendor for North American standard fiber optic cable. Our supply chain is capable of product turn around within 8-10 weeks and our warehouses in Calgary and upcoming in Edmonton support our project and operational requirements.

The management and supervisory teams have a decade of experience working together in the telecom industry, which brings a level of efficiency and productivity few firms can match.

Virtually every aspect of OSP construction builds can be performed by Valo with our state-of-the-art equipment. Our training is current, our incident levels are zero and our experience is well rounded and proven.


HDD Services

Our fleet of drills can provide services for a wide range of projects, from a customer connection in an FTTP environment, to larger scale service for a 14 inch hole acommodating multiple ducts, configurations and settings.


In-house daylighting services using the newest equipment on the market.


We have the experience to install all types of structure including, installation of GLBs and configurations, concentional telecom manholes, split manholes, precast transformer pads and ground grids, precast and PIP streetlight bases, protection posts, relay cabinet pedestals, and telecom cabinet pedestals and barrels. No job is beyond our ability.


Our fleet can accommodate any size trenching application. The requirements of the installation are of the utmost importance, with regard to material selection, sand padding requirements, marker tape or locatable material placement. In addition, we have extensive safety protocols for spoil piles, worker safety and shoring experience.


Our fleet of excavation equipment is not only top quality, but also efficient, as each piece can perform multiple applications. We can switch between standard dig buckets, landscape applications, rock and frost applications and we have all the necessary compaction equipment to ensure an impressive result.


Valo Construction takes pride in remediation and can self-perform all final product rehab. Our fleet of equipment can be tasked for asphalt removal and remediation, concrete removal and remediation, boulevard and trench line sweeping, GPS verified structure locations, loam and seed or loam and sod applications, and small area hydroseeding.

Network Electronics and Commissioning

The Telecom, Electrical and Wireless arm of Valo performs cable placement to customer test and turn up, implementing all components in the network. Our highly trained field staff have a great deal of experience with both Active-e and GPON deployments.

Cable placement

Verification testing

Customer installation and connection

Fiber splicing

24x7x365 in-field support

Network maintenance

Equipment installation, test and turn up

POP design and construction (standalone and inside builds)

Warehousing and inventory management for electronics/ fiber and support equipment

Safety and Quality

A strong safety culture is a primary focus of Valo Construction, and we take seriously the task of providing quality in-field training for all our employees. We ensure all work activities are well planned and employees participate in pre-planning and Job Hazard Analysis. To maintain an exceptional level of quality, we perform our own internal inspections at all levels of our builds. Pre and post customer walkthroughs help keep the focus on ensuring the highest level of network infrastructure quality.