Our teams develop and work with industry partners by providing turnkey wholesale services that enable solutions to the market with offerings such as Internet, IPTV and VOIP. Whether connecting residents to next generation pure fiber networks or custom enterprise builds, our team is skilled and ready to assist you today.


Our network solutions help your company share data faster, streamline business, and connect communities. With high-speed connectivity, ultimate reliability and performance, our engineers are able to design, build and create solutions ready to advance every sector of your portfolio.

Whether you’re in need of wholesale Internet or a small to medium enterprise services, we can develop a solution to meet your every need.  



High speed connectivity allows rural residents to participate in economic and civic life far beyond their geographic region. This stimulates local economic growth and opportunity, and helps attracts new and retain existing residents. 

We’re helping to connect rural communities across Alberta. Learn more. 

Small, Medium and Large Enterprise

Business communications enabled by broadband technology eliminates the logistical constraints of regionally-based business models. This allows businesses in remote areas to compete with their urban counterparts, expanding their market reach across the globe.

Reliable high speed Internet increases productivity, allows for video conferencing, improved security and opens up a world of access to many cloud based services. 


Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) is the delivery of television content over Internet Protocol (IP) networks. This allows the end user to stream media continuously. We partner with global and local providers of video to provide users access to local content, access to subscription based platforms such as Netflix, Crave and other streaming services.


Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP) allows for phone services to be delivered over the Internet. With a high speed Internet connection you can get phone services delivered through your Internet connection instead of using a local telephone provider. We partner with global and local providers to provide VoIP services to rural residents across Alberta. 


Software-defined networking in a wide area network (SD-WAN) is a service that offers our enterprise customers the ability to dynamically connect branch offices and data centres on a global scale. As the use of cloud-based applications continues to advance, traditional WAN networks are unable to maintain strong speeds and optimize connectivity. Our SD-WAN solutions are able to offer many benefits to meet the demands of modern enterprise networks, these include:

  • Prioritize business-critical applications over other network traffic
  • Improved performance and quality of service for remote locations
  • Business continuity and disaster recovery capabilities that maintain connectivity even during network failures
  • Reduce costs and scaled capacity through lower-priced broadband connections
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