What is a smart city? A Smart city utilizes the Internet of Things (Iot) sensors, actuators, and technology to connect every component across the city.

This connects every layer of a city, from the air to the street to underground. It’s when you can derive data from everything that is connected and utilize it to improve the lives of citizens

The city of the future isn’t so far away. Mobile apps will soon be able to give fast access to traffic information, road conditions and much more. Imagine a day when your smart phone helps you find a free parking spot. Sensors will work to detect a spot for you, so you no longer need to drive around aimlessly looking for that perfect spot.

Across the globe, cities are already becoming smarter. Early adopters were the European cities of Barcelona and Amsterdam, with Copenhagen, Dubai and Singapore quickly following suit. Any city of any size can become a smart city, it just depends on whether or not they have the infrastructure to support it.

Fiber technology is the essential backbone of any smart city. Current, outdated infrastructure has its limitations when it comes to the technological demand of these future cities. If your community leadership team isn’t planning for the future now by upgrading to fiber, your community might not be able to keep up and compete.

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