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Seamless Open Access Network Operations


NetOperator by Valo Networks is our comprehensive Network Operations as a Service (NoaaS) solution designed specifically for open access network owners and operators aiming to manage multiple networks seamlessly.

The challenges you face managing and optimizing your network infrastructure should not prevent you from delivering exceptional services to your customers.

Discover how NetOperator’s suite of services can transform your network operations:


Stay agile and optimized with our comprehensive product management expertise.

NetOperator efficiently manages your product portfolio by utilizing Valo’s extensive experience with integrated product management. From product development, product configuration and performance management, NetOperator helps optimize your offerings so your pricing and packaging can be the most competitive within the open access network market.  

Retail Service Provider Management

Strengthen your partnerships and develop mutually beneficial collaborations.

NetOperator will streamline your relationships with retail service providers (RSPs) as part of its suite of offerings. Your business will be able to more efficiently onboard, collaborate, and manage RSPs, ensuring smooth service delivery and customer satisfaction.


Reduce complexity and improve efficiency.

NetOperator will help your business accelerate service delivery and enhance the customer experience. Automating the end-to-end service activation process– from order provisioning to activation and configuration– will improve efficiency by reducing manual input and ensuring streamlined service deployment.

Incident Management

Gain real-time visibility into incidents.

NetOperator will enable your business to resolve network incidents swiftly and effectively, allowing you to track, prioritize, and manage incidents through a centralized source. Collaborate with teams and ensure timely resolution, minimizing service disruptions and customer impact.

Network Management

Gain complete control over your network.

NetOperator helps your business efficiently manage and optimize your network infrastructure. Monitor network performance, configure network elements, and proactively address issues to ensure a resilient and high-performing network. The resulting enhanced reliability will lead to greater customer satisfaction and retention.

Maintenance Management

Ensure minimal downtime and service disruptions.

NetOperator will allow you to effortlessly plan and manage scheduled maintenance activities. Schedule maintenance windows, coordinate activities, and communicate effectively with stakeholders. Your network integrity is assured while our maintenance management capabilities maximize your uptime.

Sales and Marketing

Enhance customer acquisition with effective sales and marketing strategies.

NetOperator’s sales and marketing capabilities help drive business growth and expand your customer base. Leverage Valo’s experience to implement targeted marketing campaigns, analyze customer behavior, and identify growth opportunities. Our proven sales and marketing strategies enhance customer acquisition and retention, putting your business on a more stable growth trajectory.

Finance and Administrative Management

Maintain financial transparency and operational efficiency.

NetOperator simplifies your financial and administrative processes to track revenue, manage invoices, handle contracts, and streamline administrative tasks. Our platform helps you maintain financial transparency and operational efficiency so you can focus on strategic initiatives and business growth.

The NetOperator Difference

At Valo Networks, we are committed to empowering open access network platforms with the tools they need to thrive in a competitive market. NetOperator builds upon that mission by offering a comprehensive suite of services to streamline and optimize your network operations, allowing you to focus on delivering reliable and high-quality services to your customers.

Ready to revolutionize your network operations?

Contact us today to discover how Valo’s NetOperator can transform your open access network into a seamless, high-performing ecosystem.