Valo's fiber internet network seeks to connect rural Alberta in ways it hasn't seen before.
With ambitious projects to promote the freedom of choice, and internet stability,
Valo hopes to build community, one connection at a time.


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Planning is underway!


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Tether is a service provider who works tirelessly to meet your needs, bringing fiber optic internet to rural Alberta communities.

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FAQ's. You have questions. We have answers.

A Fiber internet connection is a much faster more reliable source of internet.

There is an initial installation fee to get the fiber connected to your home, after that there is only the cost of your respective speed plan.

There are a variety of speeds tiers that range from 100 MBPS – 1 GBPS, a much faster speed then any wireless connection could make.

Fiber internet is much more secure then wireless because only you can access the network. Precautions should still be made to ensure the security of your devices.

A fiber connection is very reliable as it is a much more direct form of internet. Fiber is also mostly unaffected by high traffic in the area.

Weather will not affect the signal because of the cables being buried underground.

The signal strength is dependent on your location in the house, and how many walls/ objects are between you and the router.

Included is a Wireless router and a Network Modem.

A small trench will be dug between the handhole at the edge of your property and your house. The fiber connection will be made into your house (more then likely where your main control panel is). Your devices can then be connected to the router. See the Welcome Brochure for more details

Unless your new property is located in a place that our fiber network allows a connection, you cannot bring your equipment with you.

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