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About Us

Valo Networks launched in 2019 with the realization that Open Access Networks (OANs) represented a transformative shift in the telecommunications industry. This exciting new frontier prioritizes equitable access, fosters innovation, and challenges traditional telecom monopolies. Our understanding, knowledge, and experience in municipal broadband networks help shape the success and future of connectivity.

As pioneers in this field, we are paving the road to a more inclusive and efficient digital future across North America. This means taking proactive steps to establish and nurture OANs through developing crucial infrastructure, forging partnerships with service providers, and championing supportive regulation. The resulting collaboration between community leaders and internet service providers will deliver tailored solutions addressing specific needs, ensuring next-generation capacity and reliable accessibility.

Our Vision

We are industry experts offering state-of-the-art broadband solutions that enable future-proofed capabilities. We believe in creating markets full of possibilities and seek to invest in communities by delivering wholesale technology services, creating modernized solutions to meet the needs of rural communities.

Our Team

Across our diverse educational backgrounds and professional skill sets, each member of our team approaches every task with a positive, forward-thinking mindset backed by experience and years of training. Working together, we will create a tailored solution, accelerating your company or municipality into the future.

Innovation is at our core and results drive our processes. As business leaders and technology specialists, we are ready to partner with you, providing the ultimate connectivity experience.

Phil Roberts

Chief Executive Officer

Mike Stelck

Chief Commercial Officer

Andrew Carroll

Chief Operating Officer

Victor Ovalle

Director of NOC Services

Paul Fouad

Director of Sales and Marketing

Marc Ritchie

Director of Networks

Troy Bain

Vice President of Implementation

Connect with us!

If you are looking for more information about our products and services, feel free to contact us at [email protected]